About Allison Payne

Allison Payne is a nine time Emmy winning broadcast journalist.  Born in Richmond, Virginia but raised in Detroit, Michigan, Payne attended the University of Detroit for her BA and Bowling Green State University in Ohio for her masters in Radio-TV-Film.

Payne's father, Dana, is a retired professor of English and her late mother, Kathryn, was a mathematician.  Kathryn Payne died at the age of 37 from a blood clot.  It was a genetic blood disorder Payne suffers from as well.  Payne takes blood thinners daily to combat the disorder.

Payne started her broadcast career in Toledo, Ohio then quickly moved to an anchor position in Saginaw, Michigan.  Payne had no idea a news director from Chicago was watching her and considering her for the prime time newscast at his station, WGN-TV.

Payne spent 20 years at WGN.   Many considered her the face of the station.  Since the station broadcast nationally, Payne developed a national following, especially among African Americans.

Payne was known for getting the "big” interview, especially in politics.  But she was, also known for her global journalism travelling the world at her own expense to get stories she thought her audience would enjoy.

Payne is single and has no children, so she was always particularly close to her pets.  She favored cats for their low maintenance, but all that changed while hosting her favorite segment in the afternoon newscast.  After agreeing to host the daily cooking segment which her male co-anchor did not want to do, Payne was allowed to host the Adopt-A-Pet segment every Friday.    The die-hard animal lover would never be the same.

Payne now resides back in Detroit where she does freelance journalism and pursues charitable work that appeals to her heart.

Payne can be reached through her email address allisonp252@gmail.com.