Call to Action

So why did I put this presentation together?  Two reasons and let me be  completely honest with you about reason number one.

I wanted the world to see Honeybear.  I realized a long time ago that Honey wasn't my dog.  She was God's work.  I didn't see it when I first took her in, but I slowly began to see her amazing beauty.  Her almond shaped eyes were intensified by the natural eyeliner God gave her.   Her gorgeous red hair with hues of brown and blonde so long  that it swayed in the wind after a trip to the groomer. And she had just so much hair!  One famiy friend called it her "crowning glory."

Bear's beauty literally stopped traffic.  Passersby often pulled their cars over to get a closer look at her.  I had to field all the complinents from her admirers.  "Thank you so much, she is beautiful!"  This website is my way of sharing my canine mona lisa with you, but keep this in mind--I may never have had the opportunity to take her in had it not been for the commited work of the people at Young at Heart.  To Dawn Kemper and her dedicated staff and volunteers--THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING A LIFE THAT SAVED MY LIFE! To everyone reading this, please reach into your pockets and send some financial love to Young at Heart.  My fellow animal lovers, please try to match my investment.  Send at least one grand to Young at Heart in Illinois.  Go to their website for details on how you can give.

The unveiling of this website coincides with the unveling of the group's first building to house the animals.  Prior to this, the group had to rely on volunteers to serve as foster parents until permanent homes were found.  This is a really big deal for Young at Heart!  We all know good intentions don't pay the bills.  So dig deep into your pockets and make a significant donation to Young at Heart!

Remember, your support of groups like Young at Heart saves lives.  Seven million dogs and  cats don't have to be put down every year.  Not if we stop buying pets.  Not if we start getting more animals fixed to stop unwanted litters.

Donate in honor of your pet. How about one dollar for every year you got to enjoy your best friend?  Give whatever you can give.

I know I will never stop honoring  Honey Bear.  Every day I look at the pictures my friend Pam Grimes took of Honey and me, and I can see that dog loved me like I loved her.  I don't expect to ever know a love like hers again.  I shall never say goodbye.  I'll hold onto her in my heart until I see her again.


In Memoriam Honey Bear 2000 - 2017